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Light overspill calculations


Lighting Consultants

Environmental Obtrusive Light Assessment

We have many year of experience and expertise's to offer a wide range of services relating to Obtrusive light assessments.

Environmental Impact reports We  offer the creation of site specific impact reports including daytime and night-time surveys and photographs, and after dark base line illuminance survey. Producing a Lighting EIA report based on site visit and desktop analysis, which includes producing a lighting design and 3D/2D computational model of the proposed lighting  installation to comply with the most stringent of planning and site restriction, curtailing upward light/Sky Glow, vertical illuminance and Source intensities to residence.  This technical report and Environmental  chapter can be inserted into the projects complete EIA report.

Assessment and approval of manufactures submitted designs at tender stage to ensure the project meets ILP Obtrusive light requirements, and avoids residential issues of light overspill and high source intensity as well as to comply with the clients specification and planning restrictions, avoiding planning and neighbour concerns both at planning stage and at a later date avoiding unnecessary delays in the project.

On site light survey to ensue  an installation has met the required obligations, compiling a compliance report for the clients piece of mind or confirmation of compliance for the planning authorities. This can be carried out for either the design we have produced or deigns that manufactures have produced at tender stage and installed.

Expert advice for Light trespass, dispute assessments and solutions provided, for private, commercial or local authorities.

Expert witness we can also give the service of expert witness in legal lighting disputes.

Beaulieu Park School Obtrusive Light assessment

Beaulieu Park School Obtrusive Light assessment


Vertical illuminance towards residence

Vertical illuminance towards residence can be shown with contours and numerically to best show the containment of light. 


Horizontal illuminance overspill contours.

Horizontal illuminance overspill contours.


False colour rendering - Illuminance
3D Illuminance rendering

False colour rendering and standard renderings for a more visual indication of light containment. 


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