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Freelance Lighing desgner Lightsense consultants


Lighting Consultants

Freelance Lighting design services


The Lighting industry can be fast paced, with the demand for ever quicker returns on lighting designs to ensure the project keeps on plan or create customer quotations to return with the lighting design as quick as possible.

A freelance Lighting designer can greatly benefit to Luminaire re-sellers, manufacturers, or  lighting consultant greatly by :

  • Bolstering your existing team of lighting designers in those sporadic times of high volume allowing your business to function efficiently without the cost of excessive staff waiting for work in down times, but not missing out on sales through excessive volume that isn't catered for.

  • Lighting companies with only a small need for lighting designs so don't have enough design work for a permanent lighting designer and the continual cost associated. Having a lighting designer you can call on as and when lighting designs are required will give your business a professional service to offer your customers without extra employees. 

  • Lighting design services to promote your companies luminaires when selling luminaires business to business you can add an advantage by offering the receiving business lighting design services. Don't let your competitor win as they offer a lighting design service as well as the luminaires.

  • Allowing you to expand your luminaire business into new categories to boost sales and give your business diversity, but don't have the Lighting design knowledge in house for that sector, I can bring extensive lighting design knowledge of industrial areas both internal and external, amenity area, local sports pitches to televised stadiums, ports, airports, service yards, as well as interior offices and factories, roadways.

  • Add the prestige of a professional lighting designer with 21 years experience in the lighting industry, and MSc. Degree in Light and Lighting from UCL to your team on a flexible basis.

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