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Port lighting floodlight aimings


Lighting Consultants

Inventory Check

An essential part of securing funding for projects is to know what is there, and know and what is the most cost effective way of upgrading the lighting is, whether that is to save on running cost or meet up-to-date lighting standards.

Baseline inventory check and light assessment : Before undertaking replacement of large lighting projects it is necessary to undertake survey checks on the functionality of the existing lighting or suitability of it to meet current lighting standards, to give justification for the cost of its replacement. A baseline inventory check to work from can give a clearer picture of the light in place.  To allow suggestion of replacements and pay back calculations to be given if required.

Project types : Roadways, Large industrial areas indoor and outdoor, amenity  areas, car parks and sports areas.

Lighting Inventory check

Table of inventory is collated and provided along with a report including specific watch points, equipment needing emergency attention due to safety concerns, areas requiring general maintenance and equipment requiring further investigation by structural or electrical engineers. Recommendation will also be include on the visual lighting appearance and benefits that could be made by changing the light source or luminaires.  



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