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Lighting Consultants

 Interior Lighting Design Projects & Examples

Service room Illuminance.jpg
Service room False colour 2.jpg
Service room render.jpg

Services Room Lighting


Coffee shop Lighting Illuminance levels and contours Dialux Evo
Dialux render of coffee shop Lighting
Coffee shop Lighting Dialux Evo render

Café / Restaurants lighting - Place yourself in the lit experience before it's installed:


Swimming pool lighting leisure centre Dialux
Swimming pool lighting leisure centre Dialux render
Swimming pool lighting leisure centre Dialux render

Leisure complex, swimming pool:


Plan entrance lobby.JPG
Exterior end.jpg
Exterior side.jpg
Interior end.jpg
Basketball indoor sports lighing illuminance contours Dialux
Basketball indoor sports lighing false colour render Dialux

Entrance Lobby - Paris, France:


Basketball indoor sports lighing render Dialux

Indoor sports hall lighting:


Light-sense Created these designs in Professional lighting programs DIALux and DIALux evo

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