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Lighting checks and survey report


With 21 years in the lighting industry and numerous major stadium and grassroots sport lighting designs, lighting checks and survey reports undertaken as well as numerous types of general area light checks, means  we can offer wide range of services relating to the checking and assessment of Light levels both internal and external.

FA Light level checks are required at regular intervals to ensure compliance with the league requirements, we can carryout the required light check and report to be summited in the FA format.  This can be submitted along with the clubs bi-annual electrical floodlighting inspection report.

National and international level sports light checks for all pitch and court sports, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis etc. FIFA,UEFA,ICC,LTA,RLA,FIH etc. can be carried out to be submitted in the organizations correct format for submission along with recommendations of change if required.

Site assessment and light check to establish what light and lighting equipment is present on an existing lit site and report if it meets current illuminance regulations, giving expert advise on changes that can be made to bring the site up to current standards and reduce energy consumptions.

Assessment of Lighting safety concerns relating to public and working areas.

External survey examples: Sports, Industrial/service  yards, Ports, Airports apron, Car parks, footpaths, Amenity areas roadways, Rail depots, platforms.


Internal Survey examples: Factory areas, Warehouses, Indoor sports halls, Offices, circulation areas ensuring that lighting is up to current standards to ensure the employees safety and the companies responsibility is maintained.

88 Point FA Light Check
Office Light Check

Example football and office survey sheets, these are the format that the levels are taken on site, along with observation sheets and when required photos.  From all this collated information a full survey or commissioning report is produced with comments on the findings and any necessary recommendations.

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